Developing with Drupal Like a Pro!

Drupal is a preferred application development framework of choice for developers who are in the know. Soo many things has made it so, among which are; extensible, application intuitivity, security and diverse tool sets available out there. However, not many people are away of the versed array of tools that can be leveraged by developers to make developing with drupal a sweet breeze. In this session, i intend to share some of these tools available. Much of these i discovered at the recent DrupalCon LA 2015. Nothing enriches a developers arsenal like working with other developers during a drupal event. Beginners may not get anything out of this session, as previous working knowledge and good understanding of the drupal framework is very important.
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Friday 20th Novermber, 2015 12 noon - 3 pm
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Drupal 7