Drupal 101: Basic Website Building With Drupal


A low-level introduction to site building with Drupal

Assumptions (Minimum skill level required): Little or no former knowledge of Drupal.

Mission: To empower you to start building The Next Generation websites using the world's most popular open source enterprise-ready web platform.

Objective: To build a production-ready news publication website within the space of this training as an introduction to Drupal.

This will also server to demonstrate the power, flexibilty and ease of use of Drupal

This session will cover the following:

  1. Site Building with Drupal 7
  2. Introduction to Site Building with Drupal 7
  3. Installing Drupal 7
  4. Orientation to a New Drupal 7 Site
  5. Strategies for Finding Modules
  6. Installing and Enabling Modules in Drupal 7
  7. Building Content Types in Drupal 7
  8. Using Taxonomy
  9. Create Listing Pages with Views
  10. Creating Menus in Drupal 7
  11. Working with Blocks in Drupal 7
  12. Changing the Theme on Your Site
  13. Working with People - Roles and Permissions
  14. Must Have Modules
  15. Preparing for Launch
  16. Upgrading and Updating Your Site
  17. What next?
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Session Timeslot: 
Friday 20th Novermber, 2015 12 noon - 3 pm
Drupal Version: 
Drupal 7