List of approved sessions

Session Speaker(s) Summary Experience Level

Drupal 101: Basic Website Building With Drupal


An introduction to site building with Drupal. A low-level introduction to site building with Drupal. Little or no former knowledge of Drupal.

Download drupal_101_-_basic_website_building_with_drupal.pdf (68.72 KB)

Demystifying Drupal 7 Theming And Front End Development with Drupal


This is a training session on the basics of Drupal 7 themeing and front-end customization of a Drupal 7 website.

This training session is targeted as intermediate to advanced Drupal practitioners.

The objectives of this training session are two fold:

Download demystifying_drupal_7_theming.pdf (995.08 KB)

The final moves from development to productions


this session focuses on what to look out for and what to do to be sure that a drupal site is ready for production, the session will talk on basic tricks and tweeks to make the drupal site safe for production, secured and fast.


Building Flexible E-Commerce Solutions With Drupal

  • Introductions
    1. E-Commerce in general: Features (Must have, good to have, may have)
    2. The E-Commerce environment in Nigeria: Current state, future potentials
    3. Popular E-Commerce solutions
  • Drupal E-Commerce solutions

Drupal 8: Making something amazing for everyone.

superadmin This newest version of Drupal has taken a major PHP framework, Symfony, and used it as the base upon which they’ve built this latest version. This comes as no surprise to anyone following along with the development cycle for Drupal but for others this may be a welcome new feature. Intermediate

Sending Customized Emails from a drupal site


This session focuses on how a drupal site owner can send bulk and customised emails to users on their site.


Developing with Drupal Like a Pro!

chuta Drupal is a preferred application development framework of choice for developers who are in the know. Soo many things has made it so, among which are; extensible, application intuitivity, security and diverse tool sets available out there. Intermediate

An Introduction To The Drupal Platform


A comprehensive general introduction to the Drupal platform

Developing modules for Drupal 7


In this session, we shall go through the process of writing a Drupal 7 module from scratch. In doing so, the various under-the-hood processes in Drupal will be highlighted.


5 Drupal Modules That Changed My Life


Overview of 5 modules that changed my life completely. There will be a presentation of each of the modules, an examples of each one's application in real life environment will be demonstrated, and a basic training on how to configure 2 of them will be presented as well.


Building The Ngerian Open Source Community: It Begins With You


Building The Ngerian Open Source Community: It Begins With You


Integrating Drupal into Library Management System


It is one of the area of application of Drupal which will be of great benefit to Nigeria tertiary institution. It has to do with how to relate drupal with most popular open source library management system called KOHA.